How to judge whether the lamp tube is broken or the ballast is broken


Lamp failure is a relatively common thing, however, how to determine whether the lamp is broken or the ballast is broken? PChouse take everyone to understand it.
1. Fluorescent lamps need ballasts to meet the voltage required for starting and working of fluorescent lamps. If the lamp fails, you can take another lamp to try the failed lamp cover. If it can be lit, the lamp is broken; if it is still not lit, the ballast is broken;
2. Measuring the disconnection of the lamp filament with a universal meter can also be judged: measuring the two ends of the fluorescent lamp with the resistance file of the universal meter respectively. If the resistance indicates that the fluorescent lamp is not zero, it means that the fluorescent lamp is broken, and the light emitter can be judged by instantaneous short-circuit method. If the two components of the lamp tube and the light emitter are checked well, the ballast is broken.