Embedded UV germicidal lamp

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First, the principle of sterilization

SX-Q60 type embedded ultraviolet germicidal lamp, hereinafter referred to as (germicidal lamp) is a special instrument for disinfection and sterilization of indoor air. The product uses ultraviolet rays as the main bactericidal factor, and uses ultraviolet germicidal lamp to radiate ultraviolet rays with a main wavelength of 253.7nm. The sterilization principle of killing bacteria and destroying microbial DNA by radiating ultraviolet rays can achieve the purpose of disinfection and sterilization, and the ultraviolet radiation intensity of a single ultraviolet germicidal lamp should not be less than 50.

II. Scope of Application

The germicidal lamp is widely used in medical and health, pharmaceutical, food processing industry, family, school, nursing home and biological research institute, public toilet and so on.

Main technical parameters of 3.

1. Working conditions: power supply 220V ± 22V 50HZ ± 1HZ, ambient temperature 5-40 ℃, relative humidity ≤ 80%, atmospheric pressure: 86Kpa-106Kpa

2. Ultraviolet radiation wavelength: 253.7nm

3. Main bactericidal factor: ultraviolet

4. Single UV lamp power: 15W

5. Average life of ultraviolet lamp: ≥ 5000h

6. Applicable area: ≤ 21 ㎡

7. Operation mode: remote control (general)

8. Effective remote control distance of remote control: not less than 5m

9. Disinfection timing range: 30min,60min,90min,120min,150min,180min

10,★Radar module: with object movement detection function, sensing safe and effective distance should be ≤ 3m

11,★Voice module: with Chinese voice reminder function, can also be customized English voice reminder function

12. The ultraviolet lamp used by the germicidal lamp conforms to the provisions of the GB19258

13,★Has been national product appearance patent: patent number 202130500156.7

14. Sterilization effect test data:

★Within the specified time of equipment opening, the killing rate of Staphylococcus albus in the air of 20m2 closed room shall be ≥ 99.90, and the extinction rate of natural bacteria in the air of 21m2 closed room shall be ≥ 90.00. (Provide test report)

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