Hanging lamp holder

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Lamp stand


Electronic inverter disinfection appliances

Product Details

hanging lamp holder: 

This product is compact, easy to install.

Using aluminum alloy paint technology, lasting without fading, beautiful and generous.

Use high-power lamp tube to match with special electronic ballast, long life.

Installation can be directly fixed with screws can also be suspended with a sling.



Used in household indoor disinfection, sterilization and disinfection of hospitals, clinics, kindergartens and other public places,

Can also be installed in disinfection cupboard and other equipment.

Model Matching lamp model Total length of lamp holder Chain length Power cord length Use area
10W ZW10S19W/Y-Z331 359MM 1.0 M 1.8 M 6.0 M3
15W ZW15S19W/Y-Z436 464MM 1.0 M 1.8 M 10.0 M3
20W ZW20S19W/Y-Z589 617MM 1.0 M 1.8 M 13.0 M3
30W ZW30S19W/Y-Z894 920MM 1.0 M 1.8 M 20.0 M3
40W ZW40S23W/Y-Z1199 1227MM 1.0 M 1.8 M 27.0 M3

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